Mataji Lakshmi Devi

MATAJI LAKSHMI DEVI (Yogacharini Eugenia Paola Salas)

Mataji is world renowned yoga master with 36 years practice experience. She started practicing yoga with only 3 years old, with her grandmother. She did yoga teacher course, Master in Yoga  degree course, Yogacharya course, and Grand Master yoga course with Papaji Maitreyananda.

In 2001 she was elected secretary general of the Yoga Federation of Argentina, and in the end of 2002 was elected president of Yoga Federation of Argentina. In 2004 was elected director of International Yoga School.

In 2008 was elected director of International Integral Yoga Society AUROBINDO SIVANANDA ASHRAM and in 2011 become the president of AUROBINDO SIVANANDA ASHRAM. In 2010 was elected president of International Federation of Yoga Sports and in 2013 president also of International Yoga Sports Federation.

Is executive member of Olympic Comitte of Argentina, Olympic Academy of Argentina and member of Sports Confederation of Argentina. She is member of the executive board of International Yoga Federation.

Mataji is the president and founder of Yoga Alliance International - Alianza Internacional de Yoga Srl. The Yoga Federation of India give the honorific title of first lady of yoga.

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